Dedicated Insurance Law Attorney In Los Gatos, California

Obtain Experienced Insurance Law Representation

I am Quentin Mommaerts, an insurance law attorney based in Los Gatos, California. I have more than 35 years of experience with insurance policy and bad faith issues of all types that I can put to use on your case. If you believe an insurance company has improperly treated you or your business, I can help.

Early mediation, persuasion or negotiation is almost always quicker and less expensive than a lawsuit. I believe in negotiating with the insurance companies, giving insurers the information they need to support a client's claim and pay out the deserved benefits. If a more aggressive approach is needed, however, I will take a valid case to court to maximize your recovery.

Has Your Insurance Company Acted In Bad Faith?

You count on insurance companies to provide you with peace of mind that, if the unexpected occurs, they will provide the help you need. An insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurer to protect your home, business, vehicle, and your and your family's well-being. You pay premiums as part of your agreement, so the insurer should fulfill its part by promptly investigating and paying benefits if a covered loss has occurred. Most insurers perform as expected and intended. But sometimes, insurers act in bad faith or wrongfully deny, delay or underpay benefits on insurance claims.

If your insurance company refuses to timely pay your claim in full, I can help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

The Initial Process: What To Expect

When individuals or business owners contact me regarding a dispute with an insurer, I typically follow the following process:

  1. We will have an initial conversation where I can gather basic information about the case.
  2. With simpler cases, I can review your basic documents during an initial conference. I will need you to bring copies of your complete policy or policies, all documents exchanged with your insurer(s) including e-mails, notices, proofs of loss, reservations of rights, and possibly other documents depending on the nature of your case.

  3. For more complex cases, I need the same types of documents as simpler cases, but it is more thorough for me to review these before our first face-to-face conference.

  4. During an in-person appointment, I will advise you of my evaluation of your rights, what you are entitled to according to your policy and California law, and then discuss how best to proceed.

Take the first step. Contact me by phone or online to get the answers you need.