Advice And Guidance For Many Types Of Insurance Issues

My name is Quentin Mommaerts, and I am an attorney based in Los Gatos, California. I have practiced insurance-related law for the entire span of my 35-year legal career. I started as a defense lawyer for insurance companies, so I understand issues from both sides. I now help policyholders with their insurance disputes related to a wide range of issues. With extensive experience with insurance policies of many types, I am able to quickly assess the situation and offer recommendations to my clients.

Experienced Representation For Insurance Policy And Bad Faith Matters

My practice includes assisting individuals and businesses with the following types of insurance issues:

  • Application – insured risk
  • Bad faith by insurer
  • Cancellation of policy
  • Certificate of insurance
  • Cumis (independent) counsel – payment by insurer
  • Defense – payment by insurer
  • Dispute (non-payment, underpayment, late payment by insurer)
  • Exclusion(s) in policies
  • Indemnity – payment by insurer
  • Inspection of records and books
  • Insurance broker liability
  • Investigation of claim
  • Named insured
  • Other insured (i.e. additional insured, permissive user)
  • Policy limits (and excess claims)
  • Premium audit
  • Proof of loss
  • Public adjusters
  • Reimbursement (payment by insured/policyholder)
  • Rescission of policy (rescind)
  • Reservations of rights
  • Examination Under Oath (sworn statement)

Contact Me To Discuss Your Case

I am an experienced lawyer for insurance issues, simple to complex. Take the first step and call me at 408-502-5143 or send an online message to discuss your dispute or other matter. I charge an hourly rate for my services and the first hour of your initial evaluation is free.